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CANSwitch Installation Diagrams & Manual


K50 Basic Wiring Diagram

R1200GS/A 2013 onwards


K25 Basic Wiring Diagram

R1200GS/A 2004 to 2012


K50 Basic with Dimming Lights

Lights with separate dimming control


User Manual

The complete manual to using your CANSwitch

Software, Firmware and Guides

Ladder Editor

Use this to edit ladder programs for the CANSwitch, and to update the CANSwitch firmware

Ladder Manual

Getting started with Ladder Logic

Firmware Guide

Step by step guide to updating your CANSwitch's firmware.

Release Notes

All the latest changes and additions

Downloads for the SmartSwitch (first generation)

SmartSwitch was the first generation accessory controller, on which CANSwitch is based. Original software, firmware and documentation remains available, but is no longer maintained.

PC configuration utility

Use this to configure the rules of your SmartSwitch


Firmware for the SmartSwitch

User Manual

The complete manual to using your SmartSwitch.

USB Driver

USB driver for Windows